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All You Need to Know About Stem Cell Therapy


Stem cell therapy also known as PRP therapy is a treatment method that is meant to reduce pain or heal injuries. Stem cell therapies are usually administered through injection. Stem cell therapies are used to treat common disease such as arthritis and injuries to skeletal or muscular system. These includes ligaments, tendons, muscles, cartages and bones.  The most commonly used stem cell is the Pluripotent stem cell that is found in the babies and which can regenerate to hundred different types of cells. Multipotent cell on the other hand is found in the adult. However, these stem cells only turns to only limited different types of cells. This type of stem cell is however safer because it is limited and can be controlled compared To Pluripotent stem cell. IV therapy Los Angelesis performed only using adult stem cells.


The human body contains a lot of stem cells that are mostly found on the joints. The stem cells are used to repair and do maintenance in the body.  Stem cell can be transformed to the specific cell need for repair at a specific place. When a person has enough stem cells, there is always an equilibrium between the rate at which the body is carrying out repairs and the rate at which it is being damaged. With time, the number of the stem cell that are in your body reduces in number. Aging bring imbalance between the damage and repair due to decrease of the number of stem cells. This is therefore the main cause of conditions such arthritis, chronic pain and injuries.


 Even with age, there are places in the body contains large reserve of stem cell. These includes the hip bone and the fat around the buttocks. When a person is undergoing PRP therapy, a doctor transfers stem cell from these area and to place them on the area that is affected. The stem cells works by secreting growth factors which are responsible for the repair of the damaged area. There are many biotechnology companies that focus on the regenerative medicine.  Beyond Regenerative Medicine & Aesthetics company is an example of those that focus on safe admiration of stem cell therapy.



 There are various patients who can use stem cell therapy. Patients with trauma and injuries can benefit from this kind of treatment. People with bone cancer can be treated using bone marrow transplant which comprises stem cell therapy. People who also want to reverse the effect of aging process may take this treatment to reverse the process. Read more from this page: https://www.dictionary.com/browse/stem-cell.